Dogs Love The Space

Each crate is a safe, comfortable sanctuary that provides a special place for your dog to have quiet time and relax or sleep.

Make Your Home Come Alive

Your furniture is made exactly how you want it - your size, your design, your color and more  (but don't worry - we can help you decide too).

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Premium Furniture Construction

This is not really a dog crate. It's an end table, dresser, or feature piece -- that happens to have space for your dog.

Your furniture is built with the same solid mahogany and solid hardwood ash, at the same thickness, that is used to make the world's finest furniture.

A wooden dog crate under construction

Easy to Clean, Odorless, Waterproof Floor

Simply wipe the melamine floor to clean any spills or accidents. Because of the unique qualities of melamine, no odor is retained.

Superior Durability

All crates have mortise and tenon joints. This type of joinery has been used by woodworkers for thousands of years to create an extremely strong connection. 


Crafted to Last

Extremely sturdy, heavy,  solid hardwood.  Your piece will be hand-crafted in an artisan furniture woodshop.

There is even the option to send a sample (such as a furniture knob) so that the crate can be custom matched to your current pieces.

Choose the color that matches your home

Since each dog crate is truly one-of-a-kind, we can only provide exact price quotes after understanding your exact preferences.

Prices - Representative Only


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Let's Design My Perfect Crate

Less than 5 crates can be made each week!

Just complete this form or call (610) 486-0708 and we'll chat. You can also email

The exact color of your crate may differ slightly from the image due to variations in starting wood color and your screen's / monitor's settings. All stain is water-based and 100% animal safe. 

More Custom Examples

Ash, French doors

Two chihuahuas sitting inside a custom built dog crate with drawer

About JoAnne Nightingale,

I wanted my three dogs to be even more a part of my family, but hated seeing ugly metal crates in my house. After receiving many compliments on my own wooden crates, I started Custom Dog Crate in order to help other dog lovers.  I also work with dog rescue groups - fostering, conducting reference checks, completing home visits and transporting - to help dogs find "furever homes.” I am a state coordinator for Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, and an active volunteer with Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue. To speak to me, please fill out the form on this page or call, as I'm happy to answer any and all questions. I look forward to learning about your dog and working with you to design your crate!

Black dog sitting
Dog hidden in garden
  • Typically additional  $150 - $225 / crate (exact quote given prior to purchase)

Most Popular!

(610) 486 - 0708

"Thank you again for creating the custom size we needed and for the attention to detail that make this dog crate a gorgeous piece of furniture that I am pleased to have in my bedroom. This was a great purchase, and I'm only sorry that I didn't do it years ago for my other dogs!"

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If you appreciate quality, please read more about the woodworking process

Black dog sitting inside a custom brown mahogany dog crate
Ash crate with two single doors
Ash dog crate with feet and double door
Mahogany crate with a single end door
Ash crate with French doors and a custom drawer
Black dog resting inside wooden dog crate
Ash crate with an end door and open lower door panel
Medium brown dog resting inside a custom dog crate furniture
Ash crate with double doors
Ash crate with closed French doors

Your crate will be made from Solid Ash or Solid Mahogany (no pressed composites or veneers!). Ash is an extremely dense hardwood similar to Red Oak. Mahogany, which develops a deep reddish-brown color as it ages, is among the most beautiful and valuable wood species in the world. It has a smooth, even grain pattern which makes it ideal for the finest furnishings.

Selecting the Wood

Once selected, your  hardwood will go through various milling procedures until it is finished to 13/16" thick. (Thicker than the wood used by any other dog crate manufacturer we've seen.)  Unlike most others, we use "mortise and tenon" joinery to create a stronger joint so your furniture, under normal use, will last for decades. 

Wood Milling


Your crate's floors are made of furniture grade melamine, which is easy to wash & keep clean. If spills or accidents occur, your beautiful crate will not be damaged.

Hardware and Latches

Your crate will have solid brass hardware and beautiful brass latches and bolts (or any other metal and design you desire). As alternatives to brass, some customers have custom ordered brushed nickel or oil-cured bronze (black). The decision is up to you.

Wood Stain & Finish

The water-based stains used for your crate are pet safe & environmentally friendly.  Three coats of water-based polyurethane, with careful sanding between each coat, is appled to finish the crate.

Mahogany dog crate with brass bars, feet, and a single door


Let's Talk
Ash dog crate with French doors and a custom drawer
Greyhound in dog crate
Dog sitting inside his dog crate furniture
Dog standing in front of a brown dog crate


Jax & Jewel


“The picture can't do your dog crate justice; it is so much better looking in person. I could not be happier with everything, and I have also received many comments on the crate's beauty.  Thanks so much for a wonderful transaction from start to finish.”

Ash dog crate with French doors
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Custom latch for dog crate

Example custom latches

Unstained crate

Ash Wood



Ash crate with two single doors 

Ash crate with French doors and a custom drawer 

Mahogany crate with a single end door 

Ash crate with an end door and open lower door panel

Ash crate with closed French doors

Ash crate with double doors 

Mahogany crate with a single door 

Ash crate with feet and double door

Mahogany crate with brass bars, feet, and a single door

Ash crate with French doors

Ash crate with French doors and a custom drawer

White dog lying in a white ash custom dog crate
Two French bulldogs inside a brown wooden dog crate

Barney & Olivia


JoAnne Nightingale, owner of Custom Dog Crate

- JoAnne


German Shepherd dog

Some More Happy Customers

Dogs and Their Personal "Sanctuaries"

(to easily accomodate an interior metal pupppy crate) 

Memphis in his Ash Crate with French doors

Design Inspiration

What Customers Say

More on the Quality

Ordering and Payment

  • Shipped via FedEx ground
  • Allow  6 - 8 weeks, as each piece is hand-built to order
  • Either online (email JoAnne@PlumShadeFarm) or over the phone (610.486.0708)
  • Complete your order in as few as 10 minutes, or as much time as you need - it's completely up to you
  • All major credit cards accepted 
  • "Wow, is thing ever simple to put together"
  • Assembly takes less than 10 minutes and requires only a Phillips head screwdriver
  • All holes are predrilled and each panel is carefully labelled for foolproof and easy assembly

Dogs & Puppies that Chew

  • Each crate is assembled in the shop prior to delivery (unlike mass-produced crates), so your pieces will fit perfectly - exactly as designed
  • Some dogs, and most puppies, are chewers.  All dogs should be properly acclimated to a new wooden crate to prevent damage
  • There are many simple ways to "puppy proof" your crate. One ways is to temporarily place a metal training crate inside, and we are happy to discuss this and all other options. 
  • If your dog does happen to chew a slat, we offer slat replacement kits

Nitty Gritty (but Important) Details

Owner of Custom Dog Crate

Pricing chart for dog crates, with differences by size, door types (French doors or single doors) and type of wood (Mahogany or Ash)

Your crate comes with a complimentary brass nameplate which can be personalized for your dog.

Custom latch for dog crate made from cured bronze so is black
Custom latch for dog crate
Veneer of ash wood

Prices typically range from $435 (small) to $765 (large) and vary based on options such as type of wood and door design

Please call JoAnne at 610.486.0708, email (JoAnne@plumshadefarm) or complete the interest-form at the top of this page to receive an exact price quote.

Color chart of stain colors for dog crate furniture

Nitty Gritty (but Important)


Custom Dog Crate is a product line of Plum Shade Farm

Custom Dog Crate Wood Furniture

Hand-made from solid mahogany or solid ash wood for a lifetime of beauty

Let's Talk

Less than 5 crates can be made each week!

How Your Crate Will Be Made

or call JoAnne at (610) 486-0708

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